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 Women's Day Celebrated in Cuba

Jennifer Socorro Ramon

Havana, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) international Women's day is celebrated today in Cuba by female generations who feel very proud of living together in a society that stands for women's rights and value their participation in the Cuban Revolution.

  This anniversary will be marked by round tables, workshops, movies showing and expositions. Meanwhile, female students, workers, leaders, retiree and house keepers will be honoured in schools, work places and neighbourhoods of the Caribbean island.

A century ago, women of the world followed the German leader Clara Zetkin and began to celebrate this day which is marked in many countries by marginalization, violence and prostitution.

Cuban woman has dignified the Cuban Revolution; and according to official figures, they represent the 46.7 percent of the state civil sector; the 67 percent of university graduates and the 65.7 percent of technicians and professionals.

Also, they constitute more than the 70 percent of health and education; the 51 percent of researches; the 56 percent of judges; and in the Parliament they reach the 43.32 percent.

The general secretary of the Cuban Women Federation, Yolanda Ferrer, has stated in different opportunities that Cuba strictly carries out the international obligations in terms of gender.

Ferrer holds that Cuba's political will has made possible the fact that women are direct beneficiaries of programs and planes that allows their insertion in the economical, political, social and cultural life.

She stressed that we progress despite the economical, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States to our island half century ago, and it is considered as the biggest way of violence against Cuban women.


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