Pers.Jurid: 199/1970


 Paraguayan Women Call for Strengthening Alliances of Working Class

Asunción, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) Women associated with various indigenous and peasant organizations of Paraguay called to strengthen alliances in all sectors of the working class in the country and the city.

  In the policy statement read in front of the National Pantheon of Heroes, on the occasion of International Women's Day, Magui Balbuena, National Coordinator of Organizations of Rural Workers and Indigenous Women, denounces the evils that afflict society and women from Paraguay.

The text indicates that the economic model of capitalist production in force in Paraguay and in the region, "is the killer of the peasant family agriculture," and promotes violence against women and create adverse working conditions.

Based on these serious problems, Paraguayan peasant and indigenous women raised as key challenges the strengthening of alliances in all sectors of the working class in the country and the city.

They also call to facilitate greater inclusion of native women in decision spaces, work on self-esteem and fight for native seeds and native species to safeguard and protect the present and future of humanity.

Based on these challenges, the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations and other structures associated to Via Campesina, set out to develop a women's forum in November and strengthen the World March of Women, Chapter Paraguay, among other proposals.


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