Pers.Jurid: 199/1970


 Happy day !

Dear colleagues  

Who honors us is Luiz Enrique Mejía Godoy, a great Nicaraguan singer and composer strongly committed to social struggles and courageous activist against the dictatorship imposed on our Latin America part of the project “Canto de Todos”, Latin American and Caribbean Festival, created by Cuban singer Vicente Feliu, in order to democratize access to the entire population to cultural experiences and artistic quality. The song is also proposed to restore social memory through a song that is identified internationally as New Latin American Song” Nueva Canción Latinoamericana”. 

It is an honor for women when a "new man" as Mejía Godoy honors us in such a dignified and sincere manner.  

A big hug to all and remain united, knowing that no "dead who fights and who strugles."





The woman is a planet with wounds to the soul

 five centuries up the street, fighting for his dawn

 the woman is a bleeding poem on my guitar

 violent sea, sweet river,  red clay, sugar cane


 The woman is the beginning of our ancient hope

 colorful butterfly battered by life

 Woman is the future in the eyes of my mother

 in the hands of my daughter in the womb of my country ...!


 With admiration, respect and affection



 Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy

 Nicaragua, March, 2011


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