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 The League for the Lebanese Women Rights is Updated on the Status of the Cuban Five Detained in U.S Prisons

LEBANON, February 8, 2009. An extensive and detailed exchange on the five Cuban prisoners in U.S. jails for ten years -Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and Rene- was held at the headquarters of the League for the Lebanese Women Rights which has been headed for more than thirty years for the women rights fighting, Mme. Lynda Mattar.

The full executive of the organization fighting for women's rights in Lebanon, attended the conversation provided by Maria Isabel Velazquez, official of the Cuban Embassy in Beirut, who report the case since its inception and the current situation, pending the adoption to consideration by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Posters and materials on the five, specially printed sheets to seek the issuance of visas for two of the wives of heroes -Olga and Adriana, wives of Gerardo and Rene respectively-, were delivered to the Lebanese asking them to join the global campaign to put pressure on the government of the United States to grant her visas for visit their husbands and stop the violations committed to the other relatives of the prisoners on the schedule established by the American prisons system, putting obstacles on their visits.

Mrs. Lynda Mattar appreciated the information given and promised to joint and supports the struggle for the liberation of the Five.

In the conversation was reported to the leadership of the League for the Rights of the Lebanese Women, the composition of the Lebanese Committee for Solidarity with the Five, which was created last September and the quality of its activities to make known the cause of five Cuban which is none other than that one of his people, and urge the Lebanese to cooperate with the activities of this committee.

Wafica Mehdi, a member of the leadership of the Lebanese Committee for Solidarity
with the Five took part in the meeting.

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