Pers.Jurid: 199/1970


 The activities of the League

ö Celebrating the 8th of March “International Women’s Day” since 1947
ö Organizing a celebration for the occasion of the Lebanese Independence Day and the Foundation of the League
ö Organizing a yearly contest in schools both public and private - since 1979 with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
ö Publishing the “Women’s Problems” review
ö Transforming the League’s conferences into free platforms for discussions on national and intenational women issues
ö Organizing programs for educating adults and a study revolving around eliminating illiteracy in southern suburbs of Beirut

The activities of the League

ö Youth between corruption and confessionalism
ö Substitutes for confessional regime, conference at Maaraka city
ö Revealing results of the yearly cultural contest 2011 for Maaraka, Tyr
ö Honoring ceremony for the winning students in the competition of the year 2010-2011
ö Revealing results of the yearly cultural contest for Beirut
ö Regional celebrations on the occasion of mother’s day
ö Celebration of March 8th, "International Woman's Day" 2011


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