Pers.Jurid: 199/1970


 Statement "Water and salt"

Centro Regional Arabe

Federacion  Democratica Internacional de Mujeres



"Water and salt"


Lebanese and Palestinian women's organizations call

For a broad Arab and international movement

For fasting in solidarity with the prisoners of liberty


Lebanese and Palestinian organizations affiliated in the Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF) held a meeting at the Center of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the presence of the WIDF Coordinator of the Arab Regional Center - the fighter Linda Matar . The meeting discussed the situation of the Arab peoples today, especially the Palestinian people, as a result of the renewed imperialist projects prepared for the Arab region. They discussed in particular the comprehensive hunger strike initiated by the Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the Israeli prisons for freedom and dignity.


They expressed their concern about the disappearance of some prisoners, namely the leaders of the "empty intestine" movement, by moving them to an unknown destination by their prisoners, they stressed the need to develop a campaign of Arab and international solidarity and support with a view to liberating them and liberating the Occupied Palestinian Territory and trying the occupier for crimes he committed against humanity and against their right and the right of the Palestinian people in general.


On this basis, representatives of the Lebanese and Palestinian women's organizations affiliated with the IWFD call on all Arab and international women's organizations, unions, democratic parties as well as jurists, intellectuals and media professionals to move quickly in order to save the lives of approximately 1600 men and women prisoners and stop the violence practiced by the Zionist government and its repressive forces against them, according to the following program:


1. To consider Saturday 13 May as a women's day of solidarity with the prisoners through the announcement by all Arab women's organizations belonging to the World Democratic Women's Union to hunger strike and sit-in in front of United Nations centers in their countries and in front of embassies and offices of the Zionist entity in the Arab countries that have established diplomatic or commercial relations with him .


2. To request the World Women's Democratic Federation to invite its organizations to carry out the widest activities in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and to sit in front of the embassies of this entity in their respective countries. This is in addition to the Federation's call to submit a complaint to the United Nations Secretariat on Zionist violations of human rights in occupied Palestine.


3. To go to the international human rights organizations, specifically the International Federation of Democratic Jurists and the Union of Arab Jurists, and call on them to move and see what is happening in the Israeli prisons and to work for the release of the prisoners.


                                              Lebanese and Palestinian women's organizations

Affiliated in the Women's World Democratic Federation

                                                Beirut on 6 May 2017

Linda Matar
Coordinator of the Arab Regional Center of the
Democratic Women International Federation


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